The Regzen platform most frequently asked questions.
For the Regzen app related questions please visit our support page.


The Regzen platform most frequently asked questions. For the Regzen app related questions please visit our support page.

  • What is Regzen?

    Regzen is a platform that provides passwordless sign-in to online accounts. It’s built for convenient authentication using no passwords and 2FA without compromising security or privacy. Our Passwordless Multi-Factor Authentication (PMFA) provides an all-in-one access solution that replaces passwords, 2FA or hard tokens.

  • Who is Regzen for?

    Regzen is made for enterprises and their employees, or users of their services. It is used for easy and secure internal authentication (admins, dashboards, portals, …) or for authentication of users/customers of online services.

  • How does Regzen work?

    The Passwordless MFA platform provides instant sign-in by utilizing sophisticated verification solutions. The Regzen apps (mobile or desktop) authenticate users with built-in MFA and biometrics (fingerprint or facial recognition). They are made with convenience in mind and require zero-knowledge to set up and use.

    The authentication flow consists of three easy steps. Users first choose to sign in with Regzen, then open the app and authenticate using biometrics, and finally authorize the request to sign-in. It’s as simple as that.

  • Why use Regzen?

    Security – Regzen provides significantly more secure authentication. Since there are no passwords, hackers can’t steal credentials and compromise personal data or accounts through phishing attacks or breaches

    Uniqueness – In addition to the mobile apps, Regzen also offers an extension for desktop browsers, which is the first and only passwordless MFA solution for desktop devices (instant sign in directly from the browser, without using a smartphone) in the world

    Convenience – Regzen replaces passwords, password managers, and 2FA authenticators for good. It’s an all-round solution that’s quicker and easier to use.

    Costs – Besides data breach costs, using Regzen saves on the user support service costs, database storage costs, and security maintenance costs (password manager or 2fa apps). It also saves on the email marketing costs (thanks to email validation tool on Regzen sign-up)

    Revenue and retention – Users favor signing in with more convenient and secure solutions, which directly affects the number of registrations. The existing users are more likely to return when they don’t have to deal with remembering/restoring their account credentials

    Privacy – An increasing number of users is worried about their personal information being shared with online websites or services. Regzen makes sure that’s not an issue, since the only data needed to sign-in is an email address

  • What is the Regzen pricing model?

    Depending on how Regzen is implemented, there is either a licensing model based on a number of users or number of sign-ins. For detailed information, feel free to contact us.

    Regzen desktop and mobile apps are entirely free to use for end users.

  • How to get started with Regzen?

    We like to get in touch, so feel free to contact us and book a demo.

    If you prefer testing the platform first, download our Regzen mobile app and test the passwordless sign-in by visiting https://account.regzen.com. For our revolutionary desktop solution, try the Regzen browser extension.

  • How long does it take to integrate Regzen?

    On an average, it takes one to two hours of developer time.

  • Can Regzen be used with multiple accounts?

    Yes, Regzen offers an unlimited number of linked accounts, meaning you can use as many email accounts as you like to sign in with.

  • Can Regzen be used on multiple devices?

    Yes, Regzen can be used on an unlimited number of trusted devices, including smartphones and desktop (laptop) devices.

  • Can Regzen be used without scanning a QR code?

    Yes, Regzen can be used without scanning a QR code. Feel free to use the Regzen Browser Extension, the first and only solution for desktop devices that can be used to sign in without scanning a QR code or using a smartphone.

    For the smartphone experience, Regzen uses “deep linking” so there are no QR codes involved.

  • Does Regzen store or share any personal information?

    The only data Regzen ever asks from users is their email address. Other than the email address, nothing else is ever stored or shared with trusted websites or services.

  • Is Regzen only for enterprises?

    Regzen is built for everyone to use including enterprises, organizations, mid-size or small businesses, startups, forums, blogs, or individuals.

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Be the first in your industry to join the passwordless revolution
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Let’s Get Started!

Be the first in your industry to join the passwordless revolution and start for free.